Spring Summer 2019


February 28, 2019
Tresmode Spring Summer 2019

With winter bidding adieu for the year there is a different sweet smell to the air again. The days are getting longer and the air warmer. Needless to say, summer is here. A season synonymous with vacations, long walks, beach days and brunches, summer is close to all our hearts. It’s now time to ditch those neutrals and embrace the colors of spring. A well-designed wardrobe is all you need to get set for the season, well apart from sunscreen and ice-cream. Any outfit is incomplete without the right pair of footwear and the next thing you know you’re stuck with the same old style while the newness lies in the corner of your closet. Check out the seven styles you need in your wardrobe to nail that Spring Summer look.

The Armes Beige - Tresmode Flats


Flat Sandals

A blend of sandals and flip-flops, slip-on flats are a must-have for the summer. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or just running an errand, a pair of flats is your best pal. They look great with beachwear, shorts, ankle-length jeans, and even casual summery dresses.

The Armes Beige

The Crystal Pewter By Gess - Tresmode Dress Sandals


Dress Sandals

A pair of comfortable dress sandals will probably be your most worn style during this season. Compatible with most outfits, a good pair of dress sandals help you look chic without trying too hard. Blend in some comfort by investing in a pair of sturdy block heels. You’ll find yourself wearing them with jeans, skirts, dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits.

The Crystal Pewter By Gess


The Kiera Pink - Tresmode Pumps



For work and the more formal events of the summer, one needs a pair of high heels in a neutral pink or beige shade. A pair of light-colored pumps does the trick whether it’s a Friday at the office or a lunch party. You can pair pumps with all your below-the-knee skirts and dresses, jeans and ankle-length pants.

The Kiera Pink


The Mondina Black - Tresmode Ballerinas



Not an exaggeration but a cute pair of ballerinas can be a lifesaver. These god-sent angels can be worked into any outfit casual or formal. Throw them on with a solid bodycon dress and you have an outfit for work or with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top for something more relaxed. Ballerinas can be paired with short skirts, casual dresses, jeans, and leggings.

The Mondina Black


The Heredge Pewter - Tresmode Wedges



Wedges are great for when you want to look fancy but also be comfortable. They go with almost every outfit and can prove to be a real investment for your feet. Pair them with jeans, skirts, dresses, maxis, jumpsuits, the possibilities are endless. Wedges are another style that doubles as both formal and casual footwear.

The Heredge Pewter


TheBerlin Red - Tresmode Sneakers



Sneakers and summer go hand in hand. Perfect for those long walks, weekend hikes, sightseeing, and amusement parks, sneakers that are not your gym shoes are the ultimate summer essential for your wardrobe. Magically, you can pair sneakers with all your casual outfits, skirts, shorts, casual dresses, jeans, joggers and ankle pants. Chic sneakers are the perfect upgrade from athleisure to lifestyle.

TheBerlin Red


The Anta Silver - Tresmode Loafers



Not just for men, a good pair of loafers is all you need when you’re too lazy for sneakers and too breezy for ballerinas. Stylish, hip and casual, loafers are extremely comfortable and hence a great pair for the summer. Throw them on with jeans, shorts and ankle-length pants.

The Anta Silver


Très Talks

The Express Fashion Fix

May 2, 2017

We’ve all spent hours staring into our wardrobes trying to answer the eternal questions: “What do I wear?”
Taking cues from Fashion Fluent , we’ve curated a quick list to help you pick out your shoes for every occasion, from a coffee date to a night on the town.


Coffee Capers

If you’re not the kind of person who cares to follow seasonal trends and instead strives for looks that are stylish yet comfortable, you might gravitate towards a pair of loafers that add function to fashion. Perfect for a coffee date with the BFF, this pair of loafers may be the best way to get the cute barista’s attention.

Last-Minute Shopping Sprees

The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere – if anything it’s more popular than ever. It continues to push the boundaries of how casual dressing down could get. These glittery pair of sneakers will spruce up your weekend errands and grocery-runs. Pair it with a simple outfit to make heads turn while you pick out your favourite yogurt.

Lazy Loungin’

It’s time to inject a little sparkle into your lazy loungin’ routine.
There’s a shiny trend that everyone is loving: metallic flats. It’s the more practical sibling of the metallic stilettos. The perfect lazy girl’s cheat-sheet to looking classy and chic and put-together in a jiffy! Pair it with a pair of worn-out jeans and a tee shirt and witness the magic. (We won’t tell, promise.)

Summer Saviours

Wedge sandals are the unofficial mascot of spring summer. These staples are a saviour when the weather heats up (Heels you can wear all day? Yes please!)
Love it or hate it, you cannot escape the fact that wedges will always be in trend. Pair these classic wedges with a sundress for that brunch date with a special someone.  

High on Heels

Jaw to the floor? We thought so too. The most versatile pair of stilettos have just dropped (like your jaw, yes). Get ready for some serious shoe envy ‘cause our collection of heels is going to be quite the rage. The Timbre Pewter, the subject in question here, has got some serious sole-soothing characteristics. If you’re looking for something to wear at a party post-work, then you’re in luck. You can rely on us to help you add the most important element to your look that all your friends are sure to be vibin’ over.


Armed with this piece of information, style your next outfit with ease, and don’t forget to share your look with us on our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page. 




Pamper Your Sole

April 19, 2017

Tresmode’s quick guide to shoe care

 From first dates to grocery runs, work shenanigans to travel adventures, our faithful shoes walk us through life (quite literally). Our love affair with shoes is never ending but like every relationship, it needs work! So we’ve put together a quick shoe care guide for all shoe fanatics. With Tresmode’s specially curated shoe care kit, you can give your closet favourites some much-needed TLC. Here’s how:

Come Clean

A pair of shoes is a worthy investment and needs a great deal of care. But more often than not, we’re guilty of simply stuffing our shoes in the closet after a long day. Show your shoes (especially your precious suedes and leathers) some love by cleaning them after every wear, so they stay with you longer.

Presenting, Tresmode’s signature leather cleaner. This dry foam-based cleaner swiftly lifts off stains and debris while being gentle on the leather. The formula works beautifully for suede and canvas too.

And for those who like to go the extra mile in their suede shoes, worry not! Tresmode’s specialised suede cleaner and conditioner causes natural decomposition of the nastiest of shoe stains and debris. Once it has worked its magic, you can wipe it off easily without damaging the material.


Be Protective

Come rain or shine, your loved ones must feel protected. With the monsoons coming up soon, Tresmode’s Protection Cream comes to the rescue. It invisibly guards your shoes against water and stains. Perfect for leather, nubuck and canvas, you can now stride the rainy sidewalks in style.

Tresmode’s Mink Oil Nourishing Cream is another rich concoction that cleans and conditions leather, prepping it for the harsh weather. It eases into the seams and stitching and breathes new life into patent, reptile and metallic finishes.

In case you find yourself in a sudden downpour, make sure you dry your shoes as soon as you get the chance. Wrap them in old newspapers so all the moisture is absorbed. Keep away from heater or hair dryers as this could make the leather brittle.  


Bring Back the Lustre

With regular wear and tear, your shoes are bound to lose that charming new shoe shine. Rekindle your relationship with a gleaming polishing routine. 

Tresmode’s shoe polishing cream works wonders for all kinds of leather, including the textured and delicate finishes. It resists stains and buffs easily to bring that elusive sparkle in your shoes.

And for the final flourish, we present to you Tresmode’s Shoe Buff and Quick Shine Sponge.
Our shoe buff is specially designed for a dry cleaning routine, especially for suede shoes that are supremely sensitive to water. It can also be used after cleaning and polishing to make your shoes as good as new!

The Quick Shine Sponge is a one-step fix to all your leather and synthetic shoes on those super busy days, for that added shimmer in your step.


Take a Break

We’ve all got that one pair of shoes that works well with just about anything. But even your daily staples need the day off. Make sure you rotate your shoes and give your go-to pair some space.


Move in Together

Find a cool, dark space to store your shoes, tucked away from the sunlight. Avoid using your basement or garage that could get excessively warm or stuffy. Cover your shoes in good quality shoe bags. If you do not plan on using your shoes for a long time, store them in their original box or plastic containers. You could stuff the pair with acid paper to help retain the shape over time.


These little gestures will go a long way and make sure your shoes accompany you to a lot more adventures to come. Now that you know how to take your shoe relationship to the next level, get Tresmode’s life-saving shoe care kit to earn those brownie points here!


Pump Heels and Monk Straps

March 29, 2017

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, nothing quite beats the charm of pumps in a woman’s closet and monk straps on the gentleman’s style agenda. The rich history, classic design and unmistakable appeal has us intrigued. Want to get to know your shoe staples better? Let’s get right to it.


Pump Up The Jam


The Origin

A classic pump shoe, by definition, is a strapless shoe with a closed back and a seamless front upper that is cut close to the toes. For centuries, pumps have remained the most popular choice amongst women. Quite interestingly, though, they first originated as men’s shoes. The most primitive form of the shoe dates back to as early as the 1500s when the flat version was known as ‘pompes’.

In 1660, French shoemaker Nicholas Lestage designed heels for King Louis XIV to disguise the monarch’s short height. Soon this sartorial trend caught on and the courtiers started wearing pumps to emulate the king’s style. There has been no looking back ever since. Even today, pumps are known as ‘court shoes’ in Britain.

Style Picks

Over the years, the versatile pumps have evolved into a number of variations based on design (peep toes, ankle straps) and heel type (kitten heel, wedges, block heels, stilettos). We’re particularly keeping an eye on SS ‘17 hottest styles: Kitten Heels and Block Heels


Kitten Heels



Kittens can’t stray too far from the catwalk! Pretty and practical, the kitten heels have made a powerful comeback on the runway. From on-trend pinks and blues, textured finishes to classic tan, and the versatile black, the shoes epitomise feminine elegance. The styling in 2017 is in stark contrast, though. This season, toss the regular work trousers and kitten heel combo and go avant-garde with a white button down shirt and distressed denims.


Block Heels


The runways and streets are chock-a-block with these chunky beauties from the 90s and we couldn’t be happier. Trust your beloved block heels to augment height, sass, and ultimate comfort. We’re loving the look of classic black. Experiment with gold embellishments – faux buckle for added swagger or a delicate bow for a girly innocence. Fashion-forward chicas, check out this hybrid loafer-block heel that’s bound to take you places. Anything from formal trousers to relaxed weekend culottes can be paired with block heels.


Moving on to our style-updated gentlemen out there, here’s all you need to know about the highly coveted monk strap shoes.

The Monk Who Sold His Shoes

The Origin

Legend has it that in the High Middle Ages, a monk in the Alps designed a closed-toe shoe, in lieu of open sandals for added protection. A gentlemen visiting from England noticed the shoes and took a pair back home. The English locals were fascinated by the novel design and the shoe became an instant rage. Not much has changed. Monk straps continue to rule the classic gentleman’s wardrobe.

As in the original monk shoe, the modern monk strap has a wider tongue as compared to other shoes to help secure it around the ankle. This is imperative as there are no laces to fasten the shoes. A double monk strap shoe incorporates two straps for a better fit, especially for small or narrow feet.

Style Picks

We’ve got our eyes on the double monk-strap as the season’s trendiest men’s shoe. An intermediate dress shoe, a double monk strap is infinitely versatile and works well for formal and casual occasions alike. Here’s our pick for SS ‘17:

Classic Double Monk Straps

MonkStraps leather

A pair of impeccably constructed leather monk-straps will draw the right kind of attention. The monk strap works wonders on semi-formal attire such as blazers, tweeds, navy and grey suits. Shades to look for? Classic brown, sophisticated wine or the ever-dependable black. Hot Tip: Leave one of the straps unbuckled for that elusive, almost refined nonchalance.

Slip-on Double Monk Straps

MonkStraps slipon

Slip-on double monk straps are designed for easy wear and comfort while retaining the inimitable poise of the classic style. Dare to push the envelope with dual-textured loafers or classic suede slip-ons in navy blue. A charming accomplice to your casual denim attire,  the slip-on double monk strap is effortless style, elevated.

With a lowdown on all things pumps and monk straps, it’s time to meet these gorgeously crafted shoes face-to-face. This way, fashionistas: www.tresmode.com

Très Diaries

The Spring 2017 Colour Edit

March 8, 2017


It’s summertime and while nature has put on a spectacular show with flowers blooming in splendid hues, the runways are not far behind. From vibrant pinks to earthy tones, the Spring/Summer 2017 colours do not disappoint. We put together a hot list of the season’s key colour trends. Here’s what’s rocking our world: 


color trends_2


We’ve got another reason to love Hazelnut (barring the sinful chocolate spread). This warm, earthy shade is doing the rounds on the fashion circuit. It is an effortless intermediate colour that fluidly transitions from one season to another. Be it day or night, we’re liking our ensemble Hazelnut flavoured this season.

With shoes as our canvas, we played around with this colour in eclectic ways and the results are astounding. Gentlemen, keep an eye out for slip-ons in this tan shade that complement your casual attire with effortless flair. And for the ladies out there, make space in your closet because you have some tough choices coming your way! From strappy sandals, adorable block heels to embellished flats, there’s nothing this colour shoe cannot exalt.

color trends_1


Some colour crushin’ for the girls! Introducing Pale Dogwood – a subtle, peaceful shade of pink that epitomises all things pure and innocent. Reminiscent of that soft blush on your cheeks after a healthy workout (or the cute next door neighbour’s smile), this shade is gracing the runway in all shapes and forms. Sophisticatedly incorporated in accessories and footwear, Pale Dogwood can class things up in an instant – be it a power lunch in the boardroom or a casual Sunday grocery run. Stride magnanimously in strappy block heels or slip into perforated loafers for a long day out in the sun. Or do a quick and easy style update with a elegant clutch.  


color trends_3


Understated ain’t your thing? Make way, then, for Pink Yarrow – bold, capricious and confident in its inexorable beauty. Make the statement of the year in the season’s most whimsical colour. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted. Test the waters with a pair of vibrant shoes, perhaps? Pair a minimalistic dress with kitten heels for a lazy Sunday brunch with the girls. Or go athletic-chic with lace-ups that combine two of our favourite things: velvet and pink.

color trends_4


Meet Lapis Blue: the colour making a splash on runways across the globe. Intense and unmistakably regal, the shade is resplendent in all its azure glory. The logical next step? Get in on the trend with some gorgeous arm candy or a pair of stellar shoes. While the obvious choice is a pair of heels in this shade, we experimented with loafers too. Pretty much anything goes with Lapis Blue. Fret not, boys because slip-ons in this hue are just the thing you need this summer for that air of careless nonchalance. The uber-hip espadrille sole makes the colour pop and how.

color trends_5

Denim lovers, pay attention. This laidback denim-like hue is the most prevalent on runways for Spring 2017. It’s catching the eyes of high-fashion goers and street style alike and we couldn’t help but follow this trend spreading like wildfire. Taking cues from it’s chilled out, cool vibe, it was only fair to experiment with casual shoes. Feast your eyes on these Tresmode creations in Niagara. Ladies, you’ll find yourselves serenaded with this intelligent play of texture, colour and print in these statement slip-ons. Textured sneakers for men in this shade get our vote for the trendiest wardrobe addition this season. Ideal to pack away for the weekend with the missus and explore unknown streets, we think.

With the season’s freshest colours now on your radar, the only thing left to do is paint your shoe closet brand new. Spring/Summer 2017 palette is yours for the taking. Seize it now, right here!





Très Diaries

First Date: A Tresmode Style Guide

February 23, 2017

“It’s our first date. What do I wear?”

It’s a quandary that we have been trying to solve for decades. We’ve all experienced the first date wardrobe panic when the “dress to impress” pressure is on! So, ladies and gentlemen, we decided to offer a helping hand.

A Cuppa Coffee

Heading out for a casual meet? Perhaps a quick cup of coffee and a quick turn around the park? Or an hour’s relaxed lunch? Well, whatever it may be, we’ve got your back.



Guys, for a casual date, make sure you look smart but still understated. A refreshing substitute to denim, we’re big fans of chinos in the summer. Style them with the ever-classic chino suit jacket, or try a smart blazer layered over a casual shirt. And, of course, don’t forget to pair your ensemble with a pair of delectable suede double monk loafers.

Girls, a light summer dress is perfect for a casual first date. Throw on a cardigan or bomber jacket, a colorful tote, and some gorgeous tasseled stilettos. Add a watch for that classic touch. You’re good to go!

Wining and Dining

Ready for a night of luxury and leisure? Be it a candlelit dinner or a night of dancing around town, come right this way and get ready to dazzle.



Gentlemen, this is your time to shine. Suit up with a skinny suit in a muted tone like stone or pale blue. Or go traditional in a classic three-piece. Don’t forget your wingman, the wingtip derby shoes. They’ll keep you fleet-footed all night. Promise.

Ladies, slip into a shift dress or skinny jeans, a silk camisole and a blazer. Don’t forget your dancing shoes aka some gorgeous strappy stilettos. Remember, adding a statement piece of jewelry or a fun accessory will tie your whole ensemble together. Go ahead, it’s your night.



Adventure Time

Looking to mix up the traditional dating game with a fun packed day of underground trampolining? Or are you hitting the roller coasters at a theme park? Well, let us help ensure you look gorgeous and stay comfortable throughout the day. Here we go.



Persons of the female persuasion, pair a camisole top with printed shorts and a jacket. Throw on a cute hat if you think you’ll need it. Slip into some gorgeous sneakers, and get ready to run into an adventure. Don’t forget to carry a small tote bag for all your essentials.

Individuals of the male affiliation, kindly throw on a button down shirt, some chinos or khaki pants and, lucky you, textured driver loafers. You’re good to go. Yes, it’s just that easy some days.


There you go. If you need any more advice, be sure to ask us in the comments below. And for some stunning shoes, you know just where to head: http://www.tresmode.com/


5 Types Of Couples You Should Know About

February 7, 2017


‘Tis the season of love and all good things seem to come in pairs – coffee and cream, yearning hearts and beautiful shoes. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re making a match in heaven – types of couples and the shoes that fit them best. Can you figure which one you are?
(Singles, fret not. There are plenty of gorgeous shoes to keep you company.)




All ye plebeians, lay the red carpet! The Debonair Duo has arrived. Adept at the art of making heads turn, this couple is cultured, sophisticated, and impeccably stylish. Well-read and well-spoken, they command awe and admiration wherever they go. He’s always incredibly suave in his monk straps and she’s resplendent in classy pumps. Perfectly put together, they’re the Hollywood dream come to life.






The rarest species of lovers there ever was, this couple actually lives up to their new year’s fitness resolutions. Armed with kale smoothies, washboard abs and some gorgeous athleisure shoes, their style game is as watertight as their diet regimes. He always takes the stairs in his trendy sneakers. She adds a sparkle to her Sunday errands with metallic shoes. They’re the ones you’ll walk up to for health advice (although they’d prefer it if you ran).  







Laidback and low-maintenance, this couple likes to take it easy. Their no-frills, no-fancies attitude makes them popular double-date partners. Because they’ll ditch the high heels and formal oxfords, and invite you home instead for chips, ice cream, and late night TV marathons. Moccasins and ballerinas are more their style – casual and cool – much like this couple. 






This couple loves to let their hair down and how! A dull Saturday night is their worst nightmare. You have had some of the craziest and fun nights with them (most of which you can’t remember). They throw the best parties and know how to dress for them. Their style mantra is experimental and bold with a touch of sultry – best reflected in their shoe styles. He dazzles the dance floor in tasseled dress casuals as she joins him in her high-heeled strappy shoes. After all,  it takes two to tango.






They’re the ones running late for Sunday brunches, always missing birthdays and reunions. Come to think of it, you’ve never seen them in casuals. Married to their work, it’s a miracle they manage to meet each other. They’re go-getters and achievers, always dressed to impress in crisp formal clothes and shoes to match. He swears by his derby shoes for boardroom meetings and she glides effortlessly from AM to PM in her classy black pumps




Love is most definitely in the air and after marveling at these swoon-worthy shoes, we’re sure you’ve been struck by Cupid too. Single or not, are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Let’s take you shopping!



Shoe Horoscopes For Women: The Perfect Pair For You!

January 23, 2017



Right at the beginning of this brand new year, we had compiled horoscopes for the humble extremities of men everywhere. Ladies, it’s now your turn, so take a seat and read ahead as we reveal the road down which your shoes (and destiny) shall lead you! Discover the window into your soles—through fashion, of course. 






The Capricorn woman is the essence of practicality. Her wardrobe might be quite sparse, by fashionista standards, but everything in it will be there for a purpose. No wonder then that you’ll pick up the Peau ballerinas in a jiffy. Comfortable and stylish, you’ll use them for years. Remember that the third time you step on someone’s toes while wearing them, you’ll have found your business (or life) partner.








The ultimate non-conformist, an Aquarius woman is often positively contrary and never a follower of fashion. Our designers assure us that these gladiator flats are adequately prepared to face the challenges of modern life including muddy puddles and ill-mannered drivers. Side effects include a tendency to shrivel up when faced with lions. Also, avoid amphitheatres, they bring back bad memories.







The everlasting muse spinning lazy circles around her latest conquest, the Piscean woman keeps her secrets secure behind inscrutable dark eyes. Over the centuries, poets have oft written paeans to her, in the following manner:

“She walks in beauty, like the night,

Of cloudless climes and starry skies.”

Occasionally clumsy, the Ciervo stacked metallic wedges will support you against uneven pavements, potholed roads and leaps of faith.







Always three steps ahead of the game, the Arian woman is a fearless and feisty trendsetter. Not much for a frilly wardrobe, the Gloire sneakers tick all your boxes. Champagne colored brogues, not only will they take you where you need to go but they’re also adept at sneaking away, as necessary.










The Taurean woman is a connoisseur as far as quality is concerned. Always attracted to the very best, she is practical, classy, and tasteful. You prefer embellished flats to sky-high stilettos, so the Reflat sandals will be right up your alley. The criss-cross ties will have the world watching as you stride in style.







Frequently noticed for her impeccable fashion sense, the Geminian woman enjoys tweaking trends and styles to uniquely suit her. Never afraid to mix things up, these gorgeous Beriche dual-toned pumps pen the statement you are so used to making. If you hear a glass shattering, remember it comes from the hearts breaking as you walk past.  




cancer-women copy




Mercurial and affectionate, the Cancerian woman favors a timeless appeal. Slip into these classic peep toes and watch as history rewinds rapidly. Once again, you are Helen of Troy. But, ah, perhaps try to avoid the wars, yes? With great beauty comes great responsibility.









Padding around with exquisite, lithe grace, you can expect the queen of the jungle to always be a picture of sartorial elegance. Slip into your satine metallic stilettos, you eternal belle of the ball. You will be inundated with requests on the dance floor. Do not turn your nose up at that man who can’t dance the waltz.








Sophisticated and minimalistic, the Virgoan woman is elegance personified. You’ll feel particularly fond of the scaled texture and blue pumps. Slipping into them will result in the prophesied appearance of your fairy godmother. Listen to her advice and be wary of strange men even if they offer you glass slippers.








Grace and charm are the birthright of the Libra woman and she wields them well. These suede loafers will never let you step incorrectly and the charming weave pattern will be to your taste. Be warned, you might experience a sudden craving for watermelon and mustard. Satisfy it and move on, and remember, library nooks will now always welcome you.








The Scorpio woman doesn’t believe in fifty shades of gray. Always just, she looks at the world in black and white. Strangely enough then, you’re hard to pin down when it comes to fashion. Shoes are your guilty pleasure and at first glance, you’ll fall head over heels for the Visso flats. Over hills and over dales, you will gaily trot. A long walk with a handsome stranger is overdue.








Inquisitive and incessantly curious, everything fascinates the Sagittarian woman. This seeker of the truth will feel right at home in the Scarpe sneakers. Silver-spun out of moonbeams and blessed by the goddess Athena, they follow the path of wisdom. Listen to owls and avoid spiders lest they trap you in their vengeful webs.




Fallen in love with your solemate? Well, then, head over to our website for a longer look!

Très Diaries

‘Tis the Season of Boots

December 23, 2016

The more things change, the more they stay the same, especially when it comes to fashion. The joy of seeing the leaves turn gold is bolstered by the excitement of boots season finally coming around again. Arguably one of the oldest shoe styles in existence, traditional boots have gotten a sparkling new facelift keeping with the latest winter trends. Here are some of our bets for the winning styles!

Continue Reading…